Don’t Get Psyched Out! Top 5 Tips for Running with your Brain

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Don’t Get Psyched Out! Top 5 Tips for Running with your Brain

As a runner, you know that your best performance depends on a wide variety of factors—the weather, your health, how well you’ve prepared yourself for the event, and your physical state. However, did you know that your ability to enjoy charitable races in New Jersey also depends on what’s between your ears?That’s right; your brain plays a big role in your run! At best, it can boost your performance and help you to achieve at higher levels… at worst, it can weigh you down like a ton of lead! Read on to find out the top five tips that we tell our Apple Chase participants before their run!
1. “I think I can…” If you want to hit your best times, think of that little tank engine! When you are confident about your performance, you are more likely to succeed. Not feeling so hot? Try to repeat a mantra of confidence and you’ll see yourself flying across the track in no time.
2. Positive visualization is a term we borrow from psychology, and it refers to the process of visualizing your success, making it more likely that it will actually happen. Imagine that sweet feeling of flying across the finish line, picture the way your friends will look when they see you win, or just commit yourself to finishing the 5K! No matter what your goal is, visualize it in detail!
3. Keep it personal. Don’t compare yourself to others, because this only distracts you from your own performance. When you think about it, you are probably either comparing yourself to someone faster, which can make you feel discouraged, or someone slower, which can cause you to experience false confidence. Focus on your performance for the best results.
4. Keep your brain turned on! Many runners get so into the “high” of running that they start acting like their brain is turned off. If you start to feel sharp pains, nausea, or experience confusion, use that brain and take a break! Only you know what’s happening inside of your body, but you must be mentally attentive enough to address it in a reasonable time frame.
5. Our last tip is to stay positive. For your own benefit and others’, don’t complain about your tight shoes, the way the sun hits your back, or the fact that your performance wasn’t as great as it could be. Make the experience fun, and you’ll do better! No matter how well or poorly you did, your participation in a charitable race in NJ, like the Apple Chase, supports a great cause.
For more great tips on running and charitable events, check back on our blog page regularly!

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